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Catalogues & Brochures

Download Hager catalogues and brochures
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Energy Distribution General catalogue 19/20
Hager Power Contactors
Hager Wiring accessories
Hager H3 ACB
    PDF, 7,9 MB
Hager HW ACB
    PDF, 87,3 MB
Hager Invicta - KSA
    PDF, 5 MB
Berker by Hager KNX Radio and Electronics Catalogue
    PDF, 6,3 MB
Berker by Hager WA Catalogue 2015-16
    PDF, 61,5 MB
Hager Klik catalogue
    PDF, 4 MB
Hager KNX Solutions Catalogue
    PDF, 7,5 MB
Hager Underfloor Systems Catalogue
    PDF, 4,8 MB
Title   Download 
Berker by Hager Switches & Systems
Berker Q.7
Ceiling installation systems
    PDF, 12,5 MB
Company profile 19/20
Energy Monitoring solution
Hager Commercial business
Hager Domovea Enduser Brochure
    PDF, 1,2 MB
Hager Domovea Installer Brochure
    PDF, 1,1 MB
Hager Energy Efficiency Brochure
    PDF, 28,6 MB
Hager Hotel Solutions Brochure
    PDF, 18,7 MB
Hager onekonekt - Modular Protection Devices
Hager Tebis KNX Enduser Brochure
    PDF, 3,2 MB
Hager Tebis KNX Installer Brochure
    PDF, 2,9 MB
Project References Brochure
    PDF, 4,5 MB
Smart solutions for hotels
    PDF, 10,5 MB
Switches and sockets for hotels
    PDF, 2,7 MB
Underfloor trunking systems
    PDF, 5,5 MB
Wall-installation systems
    PDF, 15,3 MB
Title   Download 
    EXE, 64,6 MB
    EXE, 38,3 MB