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We offer a wide variety of architecture magazines to inspire you.
Title   Download 
Blueprint B.01 – Bauhaus, Dessau
    PDF, 1,7 MB
Blueprint B.02 – Haus der Gegenwart, München
    PDF, 3,4 MB
Blueprint B.03 – „Langer Eugen“, Bonn
    PDF, 4,4 MB
Blueprint B.04 – Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam
    PDF, 1,2 MB
Blueprint B.05 – HUGO BOSS Box, Coldrerio
    PDF, 4,1 MB
Blueprint B.06 – Loftcube, Berlin
    PDF, 6 MB
Blueprint B.07 – Anna Amalia Bibliothek, Weimar
    PDF, 5 MB
Blueprint B.08 – Oval Office, Köln
    PDF, 6,3 MB
Blueprint B.09 – Soho House, Berlin
    PDF, 5,7 MB
Blueprint B.10 – Zentrum für virtuelles Engeneering des Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart
    PDF, 5,6 MB
Blueprint B.11 – Villa Tugendhat, Brünn
    PDF, 3,2 MB
Blueprint B.12 – 25 hours Hotel Bikini, Berlin
    PDF, 5,8 MB
Blueprint B.13 – Forum Obernai
    PDF, 5 MB
Blueprint B.14 – Andaz Hotel, München
    PDF, 2,3 MB