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Hotel projects

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Our flexible electrical infrastructure supports hotels to deliver guests an exceptional experience. It increases their loyalty and generates a positive return on investment at the same time. We achieve this through innovation at all levels - from exceptional design, interconnected devices and systems, to services and analysis. Our broad portfolio includes guest room solutions, common room solutions, power and energy solutions, integrated building management solutions, and a variety of maintenance and sustainability services.

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Office projects

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Thanks to our flexible electrical infrastructure, office buildings can be designed more efficiently, sustainably, intelligently and networked. They make it possible to create an environment in which employees feel comfortable - today and in the future. Our solutions meet all security requirements, offer great flexibility over the entire life cycle, contribute to low environmental impact and enable the integration of renewable energies at a lower cost. In this way, the full potential regarding economy and fulfilment of technical requirements is exploited.

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Residential projects

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We provide innovative solutions for houses and residential buildings from the energy distribution to the building automation, including switches and sockets and cable management, as well as security and access control systems.

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