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Available sessions

Lunch & Learn

Become familiar with Hager energy distribution solutions that meet local standards with the specifications, benefits and applications of main distribution boards to the final distribution.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: free
Location: Hager Creative Arena, Dubai

KNX Basic Certification

Explore and deep dive into the basics of KNX for design, installation and commisonning. The right place to become a certified KNX partner.

Duration: 5 days
Price: under condition
Location: Hager Creative Arena, Dubai

Energy saving automation solutions for standalone applications

Discover simple cost-effective solutions for standalone requirements.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: free
Location: Hager Creative Arena, Dubai

Smart Home & Individual design solutions with Hager Manufaktur

Explore new horizons of customisation and trends in wiring accessories for smart homes with Manufaktur.

Duration: 1 hour
Price: free
Location: Hager Creative Arena, Dubai

Get to know our technical experts

Our team of experts are your "go-to" people for any technical issues, assistance or training:

Energy Distribution & Building Automation - Middle East

Arunn Rathinamuthu

With more than 23 years of experience in varied verticals of electricals, Arunn has rich in-depth Techno Commercial knowledge in Switchgear, Wiring Accessories, Building Automation and Cable Management.  

Energy Distribution- Middle East

Asad Shariff

Asad is a seasoned technical sales and marketing engineer with over 14 years of experience and brings exceptional technical expertise and regional market knowledge in low voltage switchgear solutions.

Building Automation - Middle East

Ahsan Ali

Ahsan is experienced in technical support and technical trainings with over 12 years of practice in the region. Ahsan is also a KNX certified tutor.

Building Automation - UAE

Riyaz Abdul Jabbar

Riyaz has extensive and applied technical knowledge in the field of building automation with 14+ years of sales & technical experience in design and troubleshooting on KNX automation and other system integration projects. He is also a KNX certified tutor.

Building Automation - Qatar & Kuweit

Hussain Karkaba

Hussain has a 10 years’ experience in the industries of Building Automation, Lighting, & LV switchgear specialized in design, implementation, and selling of home automation and lighting control systems.

Welcome to our official KNX training centre!

Hager Training centre, Dubai Creative Arena

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