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Welcome to our on demand webinar series 2022.

Stay abreast with all the insights, market trends and technical know-hows through four key topics you wanted us to address presented by our experts from the region.

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Wed, Sep 28th 2022 - 03:30 PM GST

Surges cause many millions in damages every year. Why is surge protection a must have for safe electrical installations? Join us to know more.

Wed, Oct 26th 2022 - 03:30 PM GST

Learn how Arc fault pro­tec­tion devices (AFDD) use mi­cro­pro­cessors to identify char­ac­ter­istic cur­rent flow and voltage curves that in­dic­ate an arc fault and auto­mat­ic­ally trip the af­fec­ted cir­cuit.

Wed, Nov 16th 2022 - 03:30 PM GST

30 years ago, new technologies started shaping the Building Automation industry. Over the years, this has developed into what we now know as KNX, the worldwide standard of home and building control. Let us discuss the most recent innovations.

Wed, Nov 23rd 2022 – 03:30 PM GST

Learn about the manufacturing of our products in the Hager Virtual Factory Tour. Get the chance to experience Hager and learn how we produce our impressive solutions. The opportunity to ask questions is one of the main pluses of this exciting webinar.

Know more about your technical experts!

Energy Distribution & Prescription - Middle East

Asad Shariff
Sales & Prescription Manager

Asad currently heads the Prescription department and is the Export Area Sales Manager for the Middle East. He is a seasoned technical sales and marketing engineer with over 14 years of experience and brings exceptional technical expertise and regional market knowledge in low voltage switchgear solutions.  

Energy Distribution & Building Automation - Middle East

Arunn Rathinamuthu
Senior Application Manager

Arunn currently leads the Products, Solutions and Applications department and has rich in-depth Techno Commercial Product Life Cycle Experience, specialized in Switchgear, Wiring Accessories, Building Automation and Cable Management with more than 23 years of experience in varied verticals of electricals.

Building Automation & KNX Certification - Middle East

Ahsan Ali
Technical Support Manager

Ahsan is currently a technical support manager for Hager Middle East. He is experienced in technical support and technical trainings with over 12 years of practice in the region. Ahsan is also a KNX certified tutor.

Building Automation - UAE

Riyaz Abdul Jabbar
Sales Manager 

Riyaz has extensive and applied technical knowledge in the field of building automation with 14+ years of sales & technical experience in design and troubleshooting on KNX automation and other system integration projects. He is also a KNX certified tutor.   

Building Automation - Qatar & Kuwait

Hussain Karkaba
Regional Sales Engineer

Hussain has a 10 years’ experience in the industries of Building Automation, Lighting, & LV switchgear specialized in design, implementation, and selling of home automation and lighting control systems. Hussain joined Hager as a regional sales engineer covering the markets of Qatar & Kuwait. He has successfully handled over large scale projects within his GCC expertise.


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