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Environmental Policy

Situated in Telford, Hager is a market-leading manufacturer of electrical installation equipment for domestic and commercial customers. The scope encompasses the design, manufacture, distribution & customer training for low voltage distribution equipment, protection, control and connection systems, cable management and electrical wiring accessories.

Hager will conduct its business with respect and care for the environment and requires all employees, contractors and suppliers to carry out their activities in accordance with this policy. Specifically Hager will:

  • Assess the environmental sensitivity of processes and the impact on the local, regional and global environments
  • Manage energy and water efficiently in all operations
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and with other requirements to which it subscribes
  • Limit and actively reduce waste generation, discharge and emission, and handle waste in a responsible manner, re-using and recycling materials where possible and economic, to minimise the need for disposal
  • Operate in a planned and responsible manner, aiming to prevent pollution through spills and accidental discharges. The company will maintain appropriate emergency plans
  • Make continuous improvements to minimise the environmental effects of our operations
  • Work with suppliers, customers and contractors to promote awareness of the importance of environmental issues and the need to work in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Report on environmental performance annually including its objectives and targets
The environmental policy is implemented by means of an environmental management system, which describes the organisation, responsibilities and arrangements in place to attain the commitments of this policy. Through a programme of audits we will monitor, control and set improvement targets to continuously improve environmental protection in all activities.

The company recognises that operating with concern for the environment is good business practice and will ensure that all employees are aware of all environmental issues and are trained to fulfil their responsibility. The company will assign adequate training and resources to implement this policy.

The Hager Environmental Policy shall be reviewed by the management team on an annual basis or as required for continuing suitability. This policy is available to the public upon request.

Version 4.3 February 2014