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Our Commitment

Part M and Electrical Installations

In any electrical installation you must consider Part M of the Building Regulations.
It requires that reasonable provision be made for people to gain access to a building’s facilities. Four key factors need considering for electrical products:

  • Ease of operation
  • Visibility
  • Height
  • Freedom from obstruction

Wiring Accessories

Depending on your residents’ needs, Hager can provide wiring accessories that visually contrast with the background, LED lights in the rocker to clearly indicate whether they are on or off for partially sighted people and wide rocker switches to help those with limited dexterity.
For height the approved document prescribes that switches, socket outlets and ‘other equipment’ need to be at appropriate heights, which are defined as between 0.45m and 1.2m from the finished floor level.

Consumer Units

From the approved document ‘other equipment’ includes the consumer unit as it contains devices that may need operation or resetting by the resident. Depending on the layout of the dwelling, you may therefore need to consider a flush mounted consumer unit.