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Our Commitment

Social Housing Wiring Accessories

Wiring accessories are your resident’s everyday link to power and data, so safety, aesthetics, quality and durability at a cost effective price are important in Social Housing.

Safety First

At its most basic level, the wiring accessory provides a barrier between the resident and electricity, but access to power when it is needed. It needs to have a tough, durable cover to avoid breakage, but also provide protection against inadvertent electric shock.
Hager’s Wiring Accessories Guide (PDF) details what you need to consider. So for example socket outlets must have a shutter mechanism to prevent access unless the earth pin is inserted first. Hager has gone one step further with its safety shutter in that all three pins from a plug need to be present to make electrical contact.

Easier Connections

Another first from Hager is its unique neutral loop terminal in its wall switches, making it easier, faster and safer to make the loop connection for a lighting circuit in the light switch.

Safety Lampholders

And just to make sure that your residents stay safe, you should consider installing safey lampholders. These ensure that the contacts are only live when a lamp is fully inserted.

Don’t discriminate

Whether your residents are elderly, partially sighted, have limited dexterity or are in wheelchairs, Hager can provide you with wiring accessories that can be operated by anyone to ensure that you meet the requirements of Part M.