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Energy distribution

Safe distribution of energy, concentration of communication technology
Hager's Energy distribution products form a fully integrated electrical distribution system for safe, efficient and effective protection and control of electricity within domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Final distribution boards

As a specialist for housing and commercial premises enclosures, Hager provides a large range of products. Plastic or steel enclosures, flush or surface mounting, there is always a Hager solution to answer your need.

Sub/Main distribution boards

The Hager main switchboards offer is composed of a wide choice of references. 
Secure and aesthetic, they have been developped as solutions for modern commercial distribution.

Main incomers

The range includes air circuit breakers, moulded circuit breakers, disconnectors and changeover switches from 16 A to 6300 A. 
The offer is completed by earth leakage relays and torroids to build a main protection with adjustable setting for your installation.

Protection devices

Hager offers a wide range of protection devices, such as miniature circuit breakers, auxiliaries and accessories, RCD add-on-blocks, single pole and switched neutral devices, 2 and 4 pole RCCBs, RCCB auxiliaries, RCBOs, HRC fuse carriers, motor starters, earth fault relays and surge protection devices.

Power, control and signaling

Power, control and signaling products are used to improve comfort and savings. They also allow to control and isolate circuites in housing and commercial installations.

Energy counting and measurement

Hager offers new residential and commercial solutions to better control energy consumption.


All you need to quickly and efficiently mount devices in enclosures and distribution boards.