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MCCBs, trip-free switches and accessories h800-h1000

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Rated current:   

MCCBs h800 3 pole 50 kA TM

HNK800U MCCB h800 3P 50kA 800A TM
Cat ref.  Description P.U. 
HNK630UMCCB h800 3P 50kA 630A TM1 prt.
HNK800UMCCB h800 3P 50kA 800A TM1 prt.

MCCBs h800 4 pole 50 kA TM

No picture available
Cat ref.  Description P.U. 
HNK631UMCCB h800 4P0-100% 50kA 630A TM1 prt.
HNK801UMCCB h800 4P0-100% 50kA 800A TM1 prt.
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