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EPN518 Latching relay 1NC+1NO 24V


Latching relay 1NC+1NO 24V

Cat ref.:EPN518
EAN No.:


P.U.:1 prt.
Technical Characteristics
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Rated operational voltage Ue:250 V
Rated insulation voltage:250 V
Command voltage AC:24 V
DC control voltage:12 V
Quiescent current:6 mA
Rating:16 A
Inrush power absorbed:25 VA
Total power loss under IN:1,2 W
Electrical durability at nominal load in AC21in operating cycles:150000
Number of mechanical operations:500000
Depth of installed product:63 mm
Height of installed product:83 mm
Width of installed product:17,5 mm
Tightening torque:1,6Nm
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable:1,5 / 10mm²
Connection cross-sect. flexible cable:1 / 6mm²
type of connection:with screw
Number of contacts:2
Type of contacts:1NC+1NO
Type of latching relay:electromechanic
European directive RoHs:voluntary compliance
European directive WEEE:concerned
Protection index IP:IP20
Storage temperature:-40 to 80 °C
Device family:EP
  • EPN518
    EPN518 Latching relay 1NC+1NO 24V
  • EPN518 Latching relay 1NC+1NO 24V
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