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vega D flush and surface enclosures

IP41 flush enclosures.
The flush mounting vega D enclosures can be installed in brick or partition walls (with a specific kit available as an option) and is made of 3 distinctive parts:
  • a metallic flush mounting box
  • a removable chassis
  • a metallic finishing frame

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Flush enclosures without door

FU32DN Encl., NewVegaD,  687x550x150mm,  72 mod.
Cat ref.  Description P.U. 
FU32DNEncl., NewVegaD, 687x550x150mm, 72 mod.1 prt.
FU42DNEncl., NewVegaD, 837x550x150mm, 96 mod.1 prt.
FU52DNEncl., NewVegaD, 987x550x150mm, 120 mod.1 prt.
FU62DNEncl., NewVegaD, 1137x550x150mm, 144 mod.1 prt.
FU72DNEncl., NewVegaD, 1287x550x150mm, 168 mod.1 prt.
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