Energy monitoring solution

The heart of the system

Smart, intelligent, and always up-to-date with the current activity of up to 31 Modbus devices, agardio.manager is the server in the center of your energy monitoring system. It provides information and helps to interpret these data. And it helps you make better decisions when it comes to the designing and day-to-day operation of your low-voltage installations.

We’ll show you what’s important.
Clear and understandable.

The difference between guesswork and knowledge

01 Measure & Collect

Data from up to 31 connected Modbus devices

The brain of your energy monitoring solution

Simple and easy

  • Measures the consumption of your electrical installations by recording and querying the activities of connected devices
  • Ideal for Hager devices and any other Modbus devices, thanks to the plug-in communication module
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Easy configuration
  • Integration of third-party devices such as gas, water or energy meters
  • E-mail alerts if limits exceeded.

02 Monitor & Analyse

Configure your system on a laptop or tablet.

Easy access from anywhere, directly in a web browser

Intuitive solution

  • Configuration on a laptop or tablet, no need for extra software or Modbus mapping tables
  • Different visualisation methods (complete application or individudal consumer) for all applications
  • All values can be exported in CSV format for further processing

03 Act

Make graphical comparisons and set alerts so you can intervene when energy consumption is too high.

Seeing more, leads to better decisions.

Fast interpretation
Configure & Monitor your system remotely from a laptop or tablet. What is used to be hidden is now visible.

  • Clearly presented consumption diagrams reveal expensive consumption peaks.
  • You can see at a glance how you can save money by simply changing your usage habits without reducing overall energy consumption.

Advantages everywhere


  • Make your building more green and attractive
  • Reduce the electricity bill by identifying how you can change your habits to reduce the consumption
  • Split the cost of energy between zones, applications, and any other source of energy
  • Improve the property and installation value
  • Reduce the electricity demand charge and operational cost
  • Small budget investment

Facility managers

  • Secured access to the system
  • Easy to operate and monitor
  • Clear, detailed presentation of current & past measured values
  • Highlighting of expensive consumption peaks
  • Clear trends analysis
  • Report function
  • Ensure service of continuity


  • Compliant with IEC 60364-8-1 energy efficiency regulation
  • Open system compatible with third party products
  • Can be connected to BMS due to BACnet

System integrators

  • Simple to configure
  • Possibility to add or remove products
  • Easy commissioning functions
  • Easy visualisation of the products communicating with agardio.manager
  • Automatic commissioning report saving time


agardio.manager Energy monitoring
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Energy monitoring solution
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