On the road with new energies

The future is electric.

Alternative forms of mobility are appearing, less focused on the use of fossil fuels and thus emitting less carbon dioxide. Is this the future of mobility? At Hager, we're reimagining electricity for a better planet. With this new transport revolution, we're convinced it is more than about mobility, we are shaping the cities we live in.

Did you know

An electric vehicle battery can hold roughly the same amount of electricity that the average household consumes in a week.

Electric cars are definitely more eco-friendly than cars with internal combustion engines: electric vehicles produce between 28 and 72 per cent less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide over a life cycle of 150,000 kilometres. Sources: International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)

According to calculations by management consultancy company McKinsey, electric cars are likely to only increase the demand for electricity by about 1 per cent by 2030.

Whatever you need, the right witty offer is available.

Compact and aesthetically designed, the new witty range is compliant with the international standard ISO15118 for more grid-friendly, secure, and convenient charging of electrical vehicles. Quick and easy comissioning for installers, reliable and performing charge for users, witty range is the perfect combination for residential and commercial premises. On the wall or on a stand, inside a garage or in a parking lot, witty can adapt to all situations.

For residential use

Choose between the versions witty basic or witty flow. witty flow uses the EEbus protocol, which helps regulate and optimize the energy flow in your residential grid and your EV charging station.

For commercial use

witty Park / IP relies on OCCP / IP communication protocol to offer full compatibility with e-mobility service providers.

Different versions

witty basic

For private usage

  • Strong, Robust & Patented Design for private use applications
  • 1 Charging point
  • IEC 61851 & ZE Ready 1.4 certified
  • Key switch access management
  • Load Power up to 7 kW (1 phase), 22 kW (3 phases)
  • Wall or Pedestal mounting
  • Small volume 6.2 kg
  • UV & Salt protection (-30°C/+55°C) with IK10 mechanical strength
  • Anti-theft security screw mounting
  • Integrated protection for safety

witty flow

For private usage and more smart features

Avoid home blackout

  • Regulate and optimize the energy flow between your home (Grid, PV, standard loads, Storage, Heating) and your Witty flow EVCS thanks to the new EEBUS smart load management
  • Smart charging technology (between EV and Witty) thanks to the new ISO15118 compliance
  • Integrated web server for configuration
  • Overload protection
  • Photovoltaïc-optimised charging
  • Coordinated chargin

witty IP / witty Park

For commercial or public billing usage

Communicate with any 3rd party system

1 charging point (witty IP):

  • Integrated Communication to 3rd party 1.6j OCPP/IP
  • Smart charging (Vehicle to grid) ISO15118
  • Integrated web server for configuration

2 charging points (witty Park):

  • Integrated Communication to 3rd party 1.6s OCPP/IP
  • Smart charging (Vehicle to grid) ISO15118
  • Integrated web server for configuration

Technical characteristics

3 versions        
  witty Basic witty Flow witty IP witty Park
Degree of protection IP55 / IK10 IP55 / IK10 IP55 / IK10 IP54 / IK10
External operating temperature -30°C/+55°C -30°C/+55°C -30°C/+55°C -25°C/+40°C
Internal operating temperature -30°C/+85°C (possible derating) -30°C/+85°C (possible derating) -30°C/+85°C (possible derating)  
Humidity 5% - 95% 5% - 95% 5% - 95%  
Settings/configuration USB key + configuration text file integrated web server integrated web server  
Certifications ZE/EV Ready 1.4G ZE/EV Ready 1.4G ZE/EV Ready 1.4G Z.E. Ready
Feed in phases 1 / 3 1 / 3 1 / 3  
Supply voltage 230VAC / 400VAC (3-phase version)-15%/+10% 230VAC / 400VAC (3-phase version) -15%/+10% 230VAC / 400VAC (3-phase version) -15%/+10% 230VAC
Supply frequency 50/60Hz -1/+1% 50/60Hz -1/+1% 50/60Hz -1/+1%  
Maximum altitude 2000m 2000m 2000m  
Maximum charging power
1phase version
32A - up to 7kW 32A - up to 7kW 32A - up to 7kW  
Maximum charging power
3phase version
32A - up to 22kW 32A - up to 22kW 32A - up to 22kW  
Sockets Mode 3 Type2S + Mode2 TypeF/TypeE Mode 3 Type2S + Mode2 TypeF Mode 3 Type2S + Mode2 TypeF/TypeE Mode 3 Type2S + Mode 2 TypeE
Integrated protection
6mA DC protection
yes yes yes  
Welded contact yes, with MZ203 yes, with MZ203 yes, with MZ203  
Communication interfaces No Ethernet, Wifi Ethernet, Wifi OCPP over IP (TCP/IP RJ45 embeded board)
MID Metering (using Modbus)   Optional Optional Integrated energy meter visible on the side
Inputs/outputs 1x230V+1x24V/1x24V 2x230V/1x230V 2x230V/1x230V 230 V AC - 32A
Power regulations I/O + french TIC (or TIC simulator) EEBus over TCP/IP OCPP 1,6 over IP  
ISO15118 no yes ready/optional no
Access management key switch yes, using RFID badge yes, using local RFID badge or OCPP yes, using RFID badge (series), delivered without badge

EEBUS specification

The EEBUS standard was set by an association of more than 70 companies. It defines a common language which makes devices of different vendors interoperable with each other: it ensures easy communication without interference, simple as that.

Your benefits

Intuitive look

A light signal system indicates the operating status of the charging station.

Convenient usage

A storage basket makes it easy to remove the vehicle's power plug from the terminal.


With witty.park, 2 cars can be charged simultaneously.

Strong and robust design

Developped by our designer Erwin Van Handenhoven, witty exclusive design ispatented with a protected concept.

Grid-friendly intelligent charging technology

Between the electric vehicle and the charging station thanks to the new ISO15118 compliance

Easy integration for billing usage

witty IP are upgraded with latest open charge point protocol OCPP1.6 making it fully compatible with 3rd party cloud-based network.

Home smart load management

Avoid blackout, thanks to the new integrated EEBUS smart load management it helps to regulate and optimize the energy flow between your home energy usage (grid, solar, standard loads), production from energy storage systems, and the needed energy for charging your electric vehicle.

+20.000 charging stations installed in France already

We're a pioneer in electric car charging infrastructure, with more than 10 years of experience.

Our project references

Our expertise has been recognised by the most famous electric car manufacturers (Renault, BMW, Audi, etc.).

Our partnership with Audi

With our Home Energy Management System , we connects your building infrastructure with your electric car for more energy efficiency.

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