New Metering Range

Measure energy efficiently

Energy meters with all current communication interfaces

Energy monitoring in all areas is becoming more and more important.The prerequisite for this is intelligent energy meters, which record all consumption and, if needed, pass it on.The new generation of energy meters from Hager offers tailor-made solutions for any application - with optional pulse measurement, M-Bus or Modbus interface and if required, with tariff control. Ideal for intelligent energy monitoring in residential and functional buildings.

Highlights at a glance

  • 4-quadrant energy meters
  • Display of:
  • Active power (kW)
  • Reactive power (kvarh)
  • Apparent power (kVA)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Current (A)
  • Power factor
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Only available from Hager:
  • Direct measurement up to 125 A (three phase)
  • Energy meters 3 x 80 A (single phase): Assignment of only one bus address (instead of three)
  • Pulse, M-Bus, Modbus
  • MID-compliant
Accuracy classes:
  • Active power Class B according to EN 50470-1
  • Active power Class 1 according to IEC 62053-21
  • Active power Class 1 according to IEC 61557-12
  • Reactive power Class 2 according to IEC 62053-23

Full range for any use

The new electricity meters from Hager offer consumers and electricity providers a clearly organised product range with universal functionality.The meters can be used as bidirectional meters for consumed and supplied mains power. All new energy meters (except for single phase 3 x 80 A) are MID-compliant and suitable for billing purposes.

    Screw-in technology Screw-in technology Screw-in technology RJ45 plug-in technology
1-phase 230 V directly to 40 A
  directly to 80 A
3-phase 400 V directly to 80 A
  directly to 125 A
  indirectly up to 6,000 A with / 5 or / 1 CT ratio

Energy Meters and Current transformers

The Perfect Combination

For the first time, the new three phase energy meters enable direct measurements up to 125 A for all interfaces.This is only available from Hager!For indirect measurements up to 6,000 A, energy meters are available with pulse, M-Bus or Modbus interface.In addition, you will receive a suitable range of current transformers that convert high primary currents (50 - 4,000 A) into secondary currents up to max. 5 A and protect connected measuring devices against overcurrent.The current transformers can be used in the ratio x/1 A and x/5 A.The maximum converter ratios of 1,200/1 A and 6,000/5 A must not be exceeded.

Open to all communication channels

The new energy meters communicate via all common interfaces: depending on the application via pulse measurement, M-Bus (commonly in residential buildings) or Modbus (predominantly in functional buildings).The Modbus devices are equipped either with screw-fastening technology or with practical plug-and-play plug-in technology. In the latter case, a reverse polarity protected RJ45 plug guarantees error-free connection and easy linking to the energy monitoring server agardio.manager.

ISO 50001 - the energy management standard

More and more companies are striving towards certification in accordance with international energy management standard ISO 50001. With structured energy management, companies not only consume less electricity as a result of reduced primary energy consumption. In fact, companies actually receive more money, as the majority of the EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act) levy is reimbursed: Currently around 7 euro cents per kWh. In larger companies or properties, this can amount to tens of thousands of euros per year. With the new energy meters from Hager, you can consistently exploit these cost advantages. And save on the whole streamline!


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