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The ultra-slim, frameless design allows the switch to be integrated into the wall; the simple and large panel makes the contact easy, and each touch creates the most pleasant moment.

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Convenient functions

Frameless design

The ultrathin and frameless appearance design makes the switch integrate with the wall into an integral whole; the simple but huge rocker makes contactd very easy, and each touch creates thed most touching moment.

Discrete LED

Soft and distinguishable LED light, you can find where the switch is located as soon as you enter the room, and you don't need to navigate your way in the dark to get up at night. Guided by LED light, you will experience convenience and safety.

Identification light

Humanized delayed power off is designed, which save power in a smart way. The insert tag switch has LED
indicator, which makes it easy for you to find the slot in the dark. After power on, the indicator will turn off automatically.

Noise reduction design

Noise reduction is designed for the large switch panel, which embodies the sound and hand feeling of the products imported from Europe. The design idea from multi-dimensions such as impression, light perception, sense of touch, and phonoreception makes the large rocker perfect.

Honeycomb support

Honeycomb structure has the advantages of super-strong intensity and light weight. It is accurately used for the installing support of the product, which makes it more firm, durable, and not deformed over time.

Color-changeable switch ring

The switch rings of Dream series can change colors to match the interior decoration as you like, providing more possibilities for the overall design

IP55 waterproof cover

The integrated production makes the waterproof and dustproof functions reach the high waterproof level of IP55. The designof a transparent large space box provides more space for the power cable to turn naturally, realizing real waterproof at power consumption.

Safety and stability

The international standard rated current of switch is 16AX, which ensures safer and more stable use of the switch.

Child protection

Having safety awareness all the time comes from the care for every family member. The socket panel is designed with child lock. Source isolating safety shutter is installed at the jacks to prevent children from putting their single finger in. It can completely block current.

Surge protection capability

The surge capability of electronic products can reach 2500V, it is 2.5 times higher than standard.

USB charger

4.2A, 5V charger is suitable for all kinds of electronic devices (1 type C + 2 type A). No need for extra charger, can be easily charged via USB cable, it also can be used for charging 3 devices at the same time.

Certified by British Nemko

The shaver socket is certified by British Nemko. Grade II safety isolating transformer is used, which makes transformation safer and products more durable.


We adhere to environmental philosophy all the time and won international iF design award for the packaging.

Designed by European master

Designed by Erwin van Handenhoven, who has won many international awards.

The solution for your Residential & Commercial projects

Pursue uniqueness and elegance, white, elegant gold, interstellar grey, noble bronze and knight black, the color tone personifies the style and poise. Details are carefully deliberated in the design. Ultra-slim panel with changeable colored ring is trendy and stylish.

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