KNX Touch control

The intelligent all-rounder

Outstanding design meets comprehensive comfort

The new KNX Touch Control from Berker is a room control unit and temperature controller in one and masters the art of touch like no other. The innovative design fits discreetly into any ambience - from upscale residential buildings to representative commercial buildings. Design frames from Berker ensure the harmonious integration into the favored switch range.

Lights on, blinds down, scene starts:

Each page can be assigned up to six buttons or up to three rockers - depending on the number in a horizontal or vertical arrangement. You will find an overview of all configuration options in the installation manual.

Know how, know how much:

In addition to the operating options, the KNX Touch Control displays various energy or temperature values ​​on request - and thus promotes the efficient use of energy.

Dim the light or turn up the cooling:

For cumulative control processes, we recommend the digital "rotary control", which can be combined with one or two buttons on each side. It gives the user an almost magical feeling when controlling their house.

Individual touch:

Image data for the screen saver or other icons for designing the pages can be uploaded using a microSD card.

Recommended areas of application

  • Offices
  • Small commercials
  • Showrooms
  • Villas


Lookbook 2020
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