Design for comfort and safety.

Extra comfortable

Gathering the beauty of life's flexibility, collecting the scenes of space painting,
always accompanying nightfall light, only wishing to light your heart for returning home.

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Convenient functions

Socket with USB-charger

The socket equipped with two USB chargers - 2.4A, which intelligently adapt to mobile devices with different power consumptions, ensure the charging safety and efficiency.

Multi-gang frame

Conjoined switch combination, convenient and beautiful.

Color options

Enjoy vibrant color options: white, aurora silver, knight black, shine the style and good taste.

Extra-large wiring capacities

Large connection capacity making wiring work easier and faster.

Extra-thin back mechanism

With fine craft, designed precisely, only for the purpose of providing abundant wiring space and convenient installation means.

Terminal screws are prevented from dropping

We do everything no matter howsmall it is for pursuit of quality. The screw terminals are designed to provide installers with more practical use, preventing screws from dropping off during installation. We regard it as our ultimate mission to increase efficiency.

High 16AX rating

The rated current of switch is 16AX, which meets the requirements of using electricity safely in all aspects.

USB protected against surge-voltages

Protection against transient surge voltage for the USB circuits is provided at 2500Vac, 2.5 times higher than IEC requirement. USB output maintains at 5Vdc to ensure optimum safety for users and equipment being charged.

Child protection

Having safety awareness all the time comes from the care for family members. The socket panel is designed with child lock, preventing unintended access by young children.

The solution for your Residential projects

Muse is made for home with its super-strong intensity and light weight. Used for support of the switch panel, it makes it firmer and more durable. What else? It uses one of the best materials in the world Bayer PC, environment friendly, anti-flaming, and strong texture.

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