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Connect. Visualize. Control.

One App.
Endless solution

In order to be able to bring different functions together, for the sake of simplicity, different systems should be integrated into a unified user interface. This is now very easy to do!

New domovea connects, visualizes, and controls.

Choose between our two variants depending on your project needs. Domovea Basic, and Domovea Expert.

One device for limitless possibilities.

The new visualisation

Domovea visualizes and manages the smart home in a different way than before. Your customers no longer need to open several different apps, a domovea is enough that handles all smart-home functions in a single app: KNX, IoT and visualization. It presents the units visually and is characterized by its simple, intuitive function and offers great opportunities for personification.

domovea basic or expert?

Completely in accordance with our and your customers' wishes, we offer domovea in 2 versions:

  • domovea basic contains all the necessary basic features of a smart home.
  • domovea expert is the perfect solution for more complex requirements and needs.

Learn in details what is in both versions:

domovea basic

Recommended usage

  • Private home / Villa
  • Apartment
  • Modernisation
  • Renovation
  • Small Commercial Projects

System Architecture

domovea expert

Recommended usage

  • Private home / Villa
  • Apartment
  • Modernisation
  • Renovation
  • Commercial projects

System Architecture

Functions and expansion options at a glance

domovea basic domovea expert
Remote project management yes yes
ETS import yes yes
IP-cameras (Onvif) 2 items 50 items
IoT-devices 50 items 100 items
Sequences simple simple and advanced
Temperature control yes yes
ETS-programming interface no yes, locally and remotely

Quick and easy:
Integration of domovea in a KNX system

With domovea, you can carry out a smart installation in your projects with a few steps.

domovea hardware is easy to install

The two products TJA670 (domovea basic) and TJA470 (domovea expert) take only 6 modules on the DIN rail. It also has a built-in 2 -port switch (RJ45) in case you need to connect another device.

Open Hager Pilot and start commissioning

Hager Pilot is the central app or interface that enables you as an installer / system integrator to not only configure domovea but also hand it over to your customer. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Also available for PC and Mac.

Configure domovea and build the system as you want it to be presented to the user

The KNX bus standard is the basic prerequisite for the use of domovea.

If the KNX bus system is already installed, configuration becomes much easier. You can then name and assign parameters to all devices and channels. Direct assignment to areas, e.g. rooms, is also possible here.

Open the domovea app and log in to get started with the management of the property

With the domovea app, you can control and monitor installed functions and enter any icons and backgrounds. When you are done, hand over the system to the user and you will lose your administrator privileges to the installation. If required, the user, who is now the administrator, can give you access to the installation locally or remotely.

More information about the integrated parts in domovea


IoT-Gränssnitt symbolbild

Connects Internet of Things devices to KNX.

Access Gate

access gate icon

The Access Gate combines the 2-wire technology of door communication with the Internet. This way, the door intercom system can be operated with a smartphone or tablet.


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