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The spectrum ranges from classic to contemporary designs. You can choose between various different materials within a number of series. Such a wide variety ensures that each architectural line can be perfected down to the finest details.

Hager stands for exceptional design

Good design speaks for itself

Hager's switches and systems make the difference. This is confirmed not just by our many customers, but also by the expert judging panels of a number of national and international prizes who honour berker time and again.

Design awards

Quality since 1919


In 1919 the first rotary toggle left the "Special
factory for electrotechnical installation units"
owned by brothers Robert and Hugo Berker in
Schalksmühle in the Sauerland. The black switch
on its white surround was already as attractive
and functional as berker Models are renowned
for being today.


Since 2010, the traditional Berker brand has been
part of the Hager Group. Their shared technological
expertise has further strengthened Berker.
Today the brand combines established values with
contemporary design and technology standards –
and thereby continues to set standards again and
again in form, function, operability and quality.


Berker's switches and systems can be found in the
most beautiful and exciting buildings in the world.
That is because our outstanding design has the
same aspirations as good architecture: It is timeless,
functional and durable. So architects will always be
asking themselves not whether to choose Berker,
but which Berker to choose.

More room for individuality.

Every home is different. Every office and every functional building is too. Because the architecture, fixtures and interior are designed to specific preferences or requirements. It is a question of each individual's own idea of design and comfort, function and presence. We cater to them all with a single portfolio that offers more individuality than ever before.

Project references


Be it classic, modern classic or contemporary Hager is synonymous with outstanding design.


Hager offers you the widest variety of shapes. And therefore custom solutions for every architectural concept.


Materials, production, consultancy and services – Hager offers top quality in every area.


Hager switches and systems are open to what's happening today. And to whatever tomorrow may bring.

Smart decision: the KNX system from Hager

Switch your home to the future with the KNX system from Hager.

Your installer will route a bus cable parallel to the 230 V cable, which will connect the switch to thermostats, motion sensors, lights and other components. This means you can control all those components flexibly and comfortably.


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