berker Q.7 illuminated

Switch and light in one

Light and switch combined

Redefine the concept of "light switch" for your customers: The new Berker Q.7 series with illuminated frame does not just switch on the light. It already shines itself - and thus sets exciting accents that serve both orientation and interior design. The integrated LED module sheds a particularly warm light on the premium frame materials of the award-winning Q.7 series - from brushed stainless steel to translucent glass to textured concrete.

The highlights at a glance

The new Berker Q.7 series is available in two lighting variants:

  • As a Corona with all-round lighting.
  • As a downlight with a trapezoidal light cone under the lower edge of the frame.
  • The luminous intensity can be varied between 100% and 50% - using a slide switch under the Carrier frame that can easily be adjusted by the user.
  • The downlight is equipped with a brightness sensor that automatically switches it on when twilight sets in - saving energy!
  • The light color is a pleasant warm white (3000 Kelvin at 100%), which is equivalent to the popular incandescent light.
  • LED modules are only available for Q.7 single-frame.

Berker Q.7 with Corona

Berker Q.7 with downlight and twilight switch

Recommended applications

Switching functions Corona:

  • "On" when the light switch is operated
  • "Off" when the light is switched on
  • "On" by coupling to external switching element, z. Eg motion detector or time switch
  • Continuous light via external 230 V switch or relay contact

Switching functions downlight:

  • "On" at dusk by brightness sensor or timer
  • Continuous light via external contact

Berker Q.7, illuminated can be used as an accent or orientation light in residential and commercial buildings:


  • Corona or downlight as orientation light at outputs
  • Corona or downlight as accent light for the main switch in the room / corridor downlight as non-dazzling night light, z. For example, to mark the way to the toilet (Ambient Assisted Living) or for hallways in hotels, residential homes and retirement homes.
  • Corona as a control switch (?) In front of the bathroom: If the switch is illuminated outside, the interior is occupied.
  • Corona as a discreet night light (eg 50%) in the nurser

Recommended installation heights

Layout and function

Berker Q.7, illuminated is simple and easy to install. Existing function inserts of the Q.1, Q.3 and Q.7 series can also be connected to the new light frames without having to replace the entire installation. This way, the ambience can be upgraded visually and functionally quickly and inexpensively.

New: Q.7 1-gang frame for receiving the LED module

The connection between LED module and switch insert or socket takes place through a Slot.

LED module for corona and downlight:
Light color approx. 3,000 k warm white - corresponds to incandescent light

Sliding switch for brightness adjustment: 50% or 100%
(Adjustable by the user after removing the Frame)

Striking, elegant, versatile

The switch program Berker Q.7 has already won several awards. Because of its distinctive design with large frame (95 x 95 mm) and soft corners. But above all because of its exclusive surface materials. They also stand for Berker Q.7, lit. The only difference is that the translucent support frame that picked up the color of the background is replaced by the new LED module, which now illuminates the background.

Both series can be perfectly combined. And the same functional depth is available for both series: over 250 inserts for every desired application.

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