berker Q.7

Emphasise the character of your home

Efficient and versatile

The right look and feel

The switch series Berker Q.7 offers many possible combinations. This is mainly due to the wide range of different frames in many materials, such as plastic, slate, concrete, aluminum, stainless steel and glass.

With over 250 combinations, Q.7 covers most needs, from the simple switch to the practical timer, to the KNX pushbutton for controlling lights, blinds or awnings.

The switch on the wall

Stunning and elegant

A 4 mm genuine material in combination with a 6 mm partially translucent back piece allows for the passage of the background color of the wall and gives the switch its visually "floating" effect.

Slate and concrete frames are available in 1- to 3 compartments, all other materials up to 5 compartments.

Different materials for maximum individuality

More than 250 possible combinations

With over 250 variants, the extensive functionality of the new Berker Q.7 is equally diverse. The range extends from simple switches and practical – yet safety-essential – timer switches, to convenient tactile sensors for lights, blinds and shutters.

Dimensions of berker Q.7