vega D

Simplicity, technology and design.

Flexible and scalable installation

The system is flexible and allows perfectly smooth integration in all types of projects, including multimedia or automation devices. Using a wide choice of functional accessories, you can easily associate multiple enclosures or add rows of modules to optimize space.
vega D distribution boards guarantee installation without unnecessary effort and constraints. And to save even more time, partially equipped enclosures can also be ordered.

  • Metal enclosure, class II
  • Capacity: 2 to 7 rows, 48 to 168 modules
  • Available in surface or flush-mounted versions
  • Degrees of protection: IP30, IP41 - IP54

Easy association

Thanks to an association kit, vega D distribution boards can be combined horizontally or vertically depending on your site, flat or directly on the wall.

3rd rail between 2 rows

Only at Hager. The installation of a 3rd rail between 2 modular rows makes it possible to add a row of terminals outside of the modular footprint.

Easy cabling

More accessibility on the sides and more spaces between the back of the cabinet and the DIN rail.
Fixing without tools.

Professional finishing

Clip-on label holder & above or below modular products for perfect alignment.
Doors to choose from, solid or transparent.
Sober lines, robust structure
Timeless design and impeccable finish.

Smart packaging

Easy unpacking
Storage of ingenious dismantled parts
Reusable / Recyclable for a future shipment

The specialist for your electrical installations

Our certified and tested electrical solutions meet specific project requirements and provide reliable distribution and control of power. This guarantees the highest consistency at a maximum level of safety and trouble-free operation in diverse types of application.


vega D enclosure
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