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Sustainability at Hager Group: E3

“Quidquid agis respice finem” – Whatever you do, consider the consequences!

This motto which goes back to the Greek fable writer Aesop (around 600 BC) holds true more than ever today. Induced by technological progress, increasing globalisation and diminishing natural resources, the consequences of our actions are becoming ever more grave.

At the same time the calls for greater corporate responsibility are getting louder and louder. Even though Hager Group is only a small cog in a large wheel, we want to move forward in such a way that we leave a clean bill of health for future generations.

We have road-mapped our sustainability plan in a concise and clear concept – it is called E3.

And this all-encompassing E3 Hager Group concept deals with how we can use our planet’s limited resources in a caring and sparing way. It comprises three pillars – Ethics, Environment and Energy – each of which is supported by a catalogue of clear-cut measures which Hager Group has explicitly committed itself to implementing. Everyone today talks about sustainability. As a family business, we actively practice it – using E3!

The E3 initiative has been deployed across the whole of the Hager Group and as such not all products and services are available in every market just yet, however, we are constantly looking to improve our sustainable approach.

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“We act ethically and responsibly, caring for people and our environment” Daniel Hager - CEO Hager Group