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Energy is all around us. So all one has to do is use it intelligently. At Hager this happens at three different levels.

Raising energy awareness

In order to save energy, one first of all needs to know how much different appliances consume and at which times. By using innovative visualisation systems such as the Hager EnergyCockpit, we show you the exact energy levels being used. This way you wise up to consumption levels.

Reducing energy consumption

First the realisation, then the reduction. One way to save is to turn off the big power consuming items. A better alternative is to switch on with Hager, especially as many of our products such as dimmers, thermostats, motion and occupancy detectors actively help you reduce your energy costs. Instead of looking at things unmethodically, one can now take a systematic approach by linking up all the devices used through an intelligent tebis KNX building monitoring unit.

Promoting renewable energy

The most comprehensive and environmentally friendliest savings potential is to be found in renewable energies. These are not only infinitely available, but their energy is free. With the use of Hager systems, renewable resources can be integrated into your energy equation over the long term – for example with intelligent metering, photovoltaic energy and also with charging stations for expanding electric vehicle mobility.