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Intensifying energy awareness

Saving starts by taking a closer look

As electricity is invisible, one is unable to see where it flows and more importantly, how much is being used. The shock comes at the end of the year with one’s energy bill. There is only one remedy here – greater consumption transparency. And the Hager Group’s answer to this comes in the form of developing consistently intelligent systems which actually display the energy consumed. These work in a similar way to onboard computers in cars, which show exactly how much fuel is being used at any moment in time, providing the user a marked incentive to save. Well-founded estimates indicate that as a result of consumer awareness, there is an incentive to reduce up to 15% of total energy expenditure.

Metering instead of paying

For absolute transparency when it comes to consumption, three components are basically needed: intelligent household metering devices, open interfaces and visualisation instruments showing clear information. Hager offers all of these from a single source. Here are some very recent innovative examples:
  • energy management system: this consists of a tariff meter, energy consumption display and a tariff-related programming tool. Our trio helps, among other things, to fine tune your usage to the most favourable tariff.
  • electronic domestic meters with “EnergyCockpit”: daily, monthly and annual consumption levels are displayed in a digital photo frame. These values can be compared with existing reference periods.
  • tebis domovea: the intelligent KNX building monitoring unit with visualisation software and an attractive touch screen. Information on the display tells you whether you are saving or not. On request an energy alarm can even be sent to your smart phone. By using the domovea internet portal, you can feed corrective information into your domestic electronics.
  • MUC controller: intelligent bus interface which centrally details information on all forms of energy consumption – electricity, gas, water – and then forwards it to the applicable destination such as a power supply company. This helps deal with demand-actuated tariff figuration, does away with the need for meter reading and facilitates automated invoicing, saving time, travel and costs.

‘Smart’ – the contemporary trend

Concepts such as smart metering, smart homes and smart grids are the trends in energy distribution and are on everybody’s lips at the moment. But we not only talk about it, we are taking action too. Experts from the Hager Group are part of decisive committees which are creating the norms for future energy use. To complement their activities at a practical level, our research and development engineers are making suitable appliances available for these purposes.

As you can see, at Hager we are combining theoretical expertise with skilled, practical knowhow.