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Promoting renewable energy

You will also be able to count on Hager in the future

In tomorrow’s world private and public buildings will not only consume energy, they will be producing it. The present trend is shifting from low-energy houses via carbon neutral buildings to energy-surplus-houses which even generate more energy than they require. This is made feasible in particular by the integration of renewable energies generated by solar-thermal panels, geothermic sources and photovoltaic panels.

Hager enables the lasting use and production of renewable energies through smart metering technology. The domestic smart meter is capable, depending on its design, of measuring either energy consumed from or energy supplied to an energy provider. The latter types comprise supply energy meters, renewable energy meters for photovoltaic installations or bidirectional meters for cogeneration installations.

Save fuel, tank electric

What holds true for immovable property also goes for propelled objects. In the area of automotive mobility, the future will see fossil fuels being increasingly replaced by renewables. Based on a study by the international Bain & Company consultancy group, half of all newly registered vehicles in 10 years time will be equipped with an electric powertrain. To cite the study “The electrification of the automobile is compelling and inevitable”. The market for electric mobility is growing rapidly, so stepping in with Hager today will take you places.

Smart Solutions for Smart Grid

In order to provide a widespread supply of renewable energies, one not only needs all the corresponding collectors and terminal equipment, but more importantly a flexible, intelligent and smart grid. Hager is paving the way for the smart grids of tomorrow with:
  • energy-management systems which use safe electricity
  • intelligent metering systems which likewise monitor energy consumption and generation via interfaces and thereby facilitate automated invoicing
  • smart switches which can change back and forth from various energy sources (both conventional and renewable)
  • smart monitoring units, which at any specific time can select the most favourable source and supply all connected appliances with energy
  • power cut-off features to bypass energy peaks with high tariffs and avoid the selection of power stations with high CO2 emissions
  • energy storage systems which synchronise local power generation and local power demand.