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Large and yet small

Even though the Hager Group has long since come of age, there is one issue where we prefer to slip back into the shoes we wore when our company was smaller: the carbon footprint we are leaving the generations to come. That is why we keep the less environmentally friendly material' to an absolute minimum – by reducing raw materials, energy consumption, emissions, transport routes and disposal costs.

Healthy growth

A forward-thinking mindset also evokes another thought – healthy growth. As with every business enterprise, the Hager Group wants to expand. But we wish to do so in a way that both humanity and the environment remain healthy in the long term. Real ecological progress then, can only be realized when one has one’s feet firmly on solid, unsoiled ground.

The following links will help you see how our company is taking steps to ease the burden and make the environment sustainable in the long term. Why not try our ‘minimalist approach' too – it’s the wisest way forward in business!

Promoting renewable energy

The most comprehensive and environmentally friendliest savings potential is to be found in renewable energies. These are not only infinitely available, but their energy is free. With the use of Hager systems, renewable resources can be integrated into your energy equation over the long term – for example with intelligent metering, photovoltaic energy and also with charging stations for expanding electric vehicle mobility.