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Setting the stage through imitation

Whether one is looking at an orange peel, a banana skin or an eggshell, there are a couple of things one can learn from Mother Nature about packaging. Each of the above is unique and offers optimal protection and what is more each one recycles by itself. This gave us the idea to modify and reduce our packaging. The results are impressive, both from the lifecycle assessment approach as well as from the brand communication aspect.

Sustainable material

  • 100% recycled paper. No fresh fiber has been used for packaging at Hager since 2010.
  • 100% mono-material. All packaging is manufactured without compound materials and can be reversed to a raw material cycle without costly separation processes.
  • 100% brown paper. The change from white to brown wrapping has done away with chemical bleaching agents and coating colours. This has considerably reduced the energy needed both in production and disposal of the paper.

Environment-protecting printing

  • Under 10%. With our new packaging, we have deliberately reduced the area we print on from 60% to 10%. This saves around 30 tons of ink a year as well as an elaborate and costly extraction process.
  • 100% natural emulsion ink. The homogenous colour inks we use are water-based and solvent-free, excelling themselves through their high-degree of environmental compatibility.
  • 100% recognisable. If our name is on the packaging, there is definitely Hager inside – even though we use 80% less ink!

Eco-friendly design

  • 20% less material. By using optimised corrugated board and even more sophisticated construction, the need for cardboard packaging has been significantly reduced – without loss of quality.
  • Better storage. Through ideal adaptation of the packaging to the product and pallet sizes, we can now use storage areas and transport space far more efficiently.
  • Best possible product protection. Despite the reduced size of packaging, we are able to ensure 100% protection of the product.

Leading the way

Because of their size, cable ducts are packaging-intensive. With our tehalit systems for example, last year we used 3.8 mil. m² of packaging materials.

This represents:
  • 431 tons of corrugated board
  • 43 truckloads
  • 118 football pitches
  • 2.3 GW energy output
  • 382 tons CO2 emissions
Now these are reasons to come clean with Hager in the future!