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Promoting balanced values worldwide

During the last 55 years the Hager Group has expanded from a small, regional 'sapling' to a global player with over 10,000 employees. Growing at such a speed certainly needs solid roots – or seen from an electronic point of view, one needs to be well grounded. And with the Hager Group, this is based on the fact that we are still a real family business. As is commonplace in family life, we connect with our employees and business contacts in a friendly and responsible way. This becomes more challenging the larger, more diverse and more international the Hager family becomes – so for this very reason, we make an extra effort to cultivate and foster our established core values.

Supporting and challenging employees

Each member of a family has their responsibilities. In our case, by encouraging individuals, we help each employee fulfil his or her role, expand their competences and perform their tasks. At the same time, we do everything to strengthen individual teams within the Hager Group so as to create highly productive 'family units' within the whole company.

Ongoing improvement in the working environment

The test of a community becomes evident in how it deals with difficulties. This is where the Hager Group Care Management steps in by assessing and making sure that individual working conditions are healthy, safe and as pleasant as possible.

Starting at the Hager Group means "welcome to the family!"