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Care Management

Pro Health, Safety and Environment – the Hager Group HSE Commission

As a genuine family business, the Hager Group makes a determined effort to take care of each employee. Health, Safety and Environment rank high in the company priorities, to the extent that our own HSE Commission ensures that each person enjoys the optimum in working conditions. Potential workplace hazards are identified and resolved and employees at any risk undergo regular safety training. Should an occupational accident occur, then it is carefully analyzed and documented. The cause and any consequent damage are remedied – whatever the costs.

Occupational safety according to OHSAS 18001

Besides our own in-house safety measures, we do our utmost to uphold the international OHSAS 18001 standard (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) throughout the group. Meanwhile 40 percent of all Hager Group employees work in OHSAS 18001-certified manufacturing facilities. Compliance to these standards is regularly monitored by independently certified organizations such as Bureau Veritas worldwide or the German TÜV and Dekra. In addition to physical protection of the employee, as a matter of course the Hager Group also provides extensive data protection.

Our very own work motivation measures

In addition to the international safety regulations, we go a step further. If, for example, a flu epidemic is imminent, we take special preventive measures to make sure such an occurrence does not affect our employees. In doing so, we adhere to the relevant recommendations issued by WHO (World Health Organization) and local health bodies.

As prevention of disease is always better than cure, we promote the well-being of our employees in a sustained manner through:
  • complementary health arrangements
  • balanced nutrition in all our staff restaurants
  • anti-smoking campaigns
  • anti-stress campaigns
  • effective time-management courses
  • intergroup sport activities (e.g. in-company football teams)