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KNX Building Automation

Flexibility and scalability

The architecture of a KNX building automation installation is based on an original principle, separation of the power and control circuits. This approach provides a distinct advantage: the possibility to change the installation at any time.

Berker B.IQ

A wide array of alternative materials and colours have been added to the convenient variety of KNX functionality of the Berker B.IQ.

Download catalogue pages about Berker B.IQ

Berker TS / TS Crystal / TS Crystal Ball

Behind its elegantly purist exterior, there is an unexpected wealth of technical options: the Berker TS allows operation, not only of multiple light sources, but, if so desired, also of intelligent building control systems.

Download catalogue pages about Berker TS, TS Crystal and TS Crystal Ball

Berker TS Sensor

Up to eight functions are concealed under a pure surface that is practically flush with the wall, and can be custom-labelled on request. A single touch is all it takes to control lights, heating or blinds.

Download catalogue pages about Berker TS Sensor

Berker R.1/R.3

The KNX-Touch Sensor has the same assembly height as the switches in the R.-Design. With its integrated bus coupling unit, a variety of building functions can be read and controlled through it.

Download catalogue pages about Berker R.1 and R.3

Berker KNX Pushbuttons and Visualisation

All-rounders that hide their technical perfection and spacious insert width behind a discreet surface. These include our KNX control sections, which can be integrated easily into our switch range using simply their design or using a frame.
Download catalogue pages about Berker KNX pushbuttons and visualisation

Berker KNX Sensors and Actuators

With KNX, a house provides a significant contribution to looking after itself. Using the Berker KNX bus system, your house can learn to adapt to changed environmental conditions. Actuators are selected according to the resources they are to switch or control.
Download catalogue pages about Berker KNX Sensors and Actuators

KNX System Units

They guarantee the necessary infrastructure in the building, ensuring a flawless information exchange between sensors and actuators.

Download catalogue pages about KNX system unit


As simple as a touch, as smart as a thought, enjoy the best of home automation to manage your home.

Download catalogue pages about domovea