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KNX Building Automation

The choice is yours

A complete range of wiring accessoies to fit in homes, offices or hôtels. Nice designs, wide choice of switches and colours, each product can be easily adapted to your specific needs.

Berker S.1/B.3/B.7

Variety was never easier to obtain. You can combine all the rockers, central inserts and frames of the switch programmes S.1, B.3 and B.7 however you desire.

Download catalogue pages about Berker S.1, B.3 and B.7

Berker Q.1 / Q.3

You notice the difference the first time you touch it: thanks to its innovative surface, this likable all-rounder has an unmistakable velvety feel – and in elegant anthracite now in an additional attractive colour variant.

Download catalogue pages about Berker Q.1 and Q.3

Berker K.1 / K.5

Profiled, contoured, sleek: the Berker K.1 and its sister programme, Berker K.5, are perfect examples for straight designs. It gets better: the Berker K.5 is now also available in fully-anodised aluminium, as well as in its classic stainless steel variant.
Download catalogue pages about Berker K.1 and K.5

Berker arsys

No two properties are the same. Every interior is different. And therefore the switch concept must be unique as well. Available in a wide selection of materials and surfaces, Berker arsys range fits well into almost any ambience. But it always remains true to itself.
Download catalogue pages about Berker arsys

Berker R.1 / R.3

It stands unmistakably in the tradition of great switch programmes. Its product range comprises all the properties of a contemporary surface switch. And, just like this, its stable plastic base makes it both robust and break-proof.
Download catalogue pages about Berker R.1 and R.3

Berker Serie 1930 / Serie Glas / Serie R.Classic

Berker Glass series today stands for switches that are the epitome of understated elegance. The origins of the Berker Serie 1930 can be traced back to the 1930s. The porcelain variant is made together with the famous German brand, Rosenthal.
Download catalogue pages about Berker Serie 1930, Serie Glas and Serie R.Classic

system 8000

The system 8000 features a very slim front plate with modern aesthetically pleasing curves. The fixing screws are concealed by integral plastic caps, which ensure the product has a very clean look.

Download catalogue pages about system 8000


With large convex rocker switch is designed specially to cater the middle-low end market of wiring accessories. It's simple and neat design perfectly suit contemporary residential and commercial requirements.

Download catalogue pages about stylea


Its modern, yet soft styling blends with today's interiors and hints at its reliability. Acting as the link to power and lighting, whether for home entertainment or everyday tasks, one must have confidence in the quality of wiring accessories.

Download catalogue pages about sollysta

metal clad

The range of metal clad accessories is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and heaviest knocks, particularly in industrial installations. The front plate is coated with a 2-layer tough paint finish to maintain its good looks through years of hard labour.
Download catalogue pages about metal clad

IP55 / IP66 weatherproof range

Hager IP55/66 weatherproof range of wiring accessories are tough, durable options for outdoor or the more aduous environments around your home, commercial buildings or workshops.

Download catalogue pages about weatherproof range


With the klik connector system, luminaires can be plugged in, in seconds, with absolute safety, and without circuit isolation. All live contacts are inaccessible and the earthing connection is made before any other.

Download catalogue pages about Kilk