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Enclosures for protection devices

As a specialist for housing and commercial premises enclosures, Hager provides a large range of products. Plastic or steel enclosures, flush or surface mounting, there is always a Hager solution to answer your need.

invicta TPN boards and panel boards

Hager has developed the inviicta TPN distribution boards as a solution for modern residential, commercial and industrial installations.

Download catalogue pages about invicta TPN boards and panelboards

invicta consumer unit

The metal range of consumer units are available with and without busbar providing an exact product that meets the requirements of your particular installation needs.

Download catalogue pages about invicta consumer unit

invicta DIN rail distribution board

Easy to install, compact size and with a large wiring space the DIN rail distribution board range is presented in flush and surface mounting versions and dedicated to an internal use.
Download catalogue pages about invicta DIN rail distribution board


When building or renovating residential buildings, compact solutions are often required for electrical installations. The golf small enclosure is particularly suitable thanks to its ease of mounting on walls.

Download catalogue pages about golf

vega D

A range of flexible electrical enclosures which provides quality solutions for all achievement in terms of efficiency, reliability, performance and simplicity.

Download catalogue pages about vega D


The outdoor vector range has been developed to maintain the mechanical properties of the material over a long period of time. Designed to withstand bad weather, humidity, dust, chemical aggression and ultraviolet radiation exposure.

Download catalogue pages about vector

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